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Blue Waters

Healing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or hopeless?

Are you triggered by past traumas?

Is your physical health suffering?

Are you ready to heal?  I am here to help!

Everything at its core is beautiful energy including our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. When in balance, each aspect vibrates in perfect frequency allowing us to experience excellent health and well-being.

There are times, however, in all our lives when we experience events that upset our energetic balance.  When we continue to feel disconnected spiritually or deflated mentally, ultimately our physical body will suffer as well. 

As a vibrational energy healer, I assist clients to heal past traumas and to bring all their energies - physical, mental, and spiritual - into a healthy vibrant state. 


Wendy Scafe

Certified in Vibrational Medicine, Reiki I, II, and Akashic Field Therapy™, it is my joy to facilitate healing and to teach the ways of maintaining great health to all who desire wholeness.

Full Body Longer by Bed_edited.jpg

You are invited to The Healing Center to participate in energy healing sessions and Akashic Field Therapy™. Also available are a unique meditation space, indoor pool, and outdoor nature setting.

When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you, a joy. 


Vibrational Energy Healing

Vibrational energy healing sessions remove the blocks created by trauma and stress and bring the energies of the body, mind, and spirit back into their healthy, natural state.  

A full body scan is completed by Wendy, prior to the session, to determine the areas of need (ie: structural, cardiovascular, nervous system, chakras, etc.).  The client submits the Full-Body Scan Agreement and the New Client Health Intake form linked on this page.

Energy sessions may be done in person or remotely.  (Energy will flow wherever it is directed.)


Most attunements are touchless with the practitioner's hands near but not touching the body. Permission is required before any energy work is provided.

Heart Attunement_edited_edited_edited_ed
Chakra Attunement_edited_edited.jpg

How to set up an energy session:

  • Client sends a message. (Contact info is on last page)

  • Wendy arranges phone consultation

  • Client completes and submits the Full-Body Scan Agreement and New Client Health Intake form linked below

  • A full body scan is done remotely by Wendy to identify areas needing attunement

  • Wendy schedules an energy session with the client to take place at the Healing Center in Grain Valley, Missouri, or remotely

$250.00 includes phone consultation, full body scan with printed report, 2 hour consultation with energy session, and meditations for wellness

$60.00 1 hour consultation with an intuited energy session for follow up, as desired

Also available:

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Monthly Pregnancy Attunements

Pre and Post Surgery Attunements

End of Life Attunements


Thank you for completing these forms:

Akashic Field Therapy
Computer Sketch

Everything is energy including our thoughts and actions. As we live life, our story is recorded in an energetic space called the Akashic Field. (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "space," "sky," or "ether.")


As souls learning lessons in human form, we may experience  highly emotional events (traumas). If we have adequate support, we resolve these traumas when they occur. Often, though, traumas are left unresolved adding unhealthy chapters to our story.


Unresolved traumas wire our subconscious to create repeating patterns of limiting behaviors, emotional blocks, irrational fears, negative beliefs, depression and anxiety.


The conscious mind uses only 5% of the brain's capacity. The subconscious mind, however, runs like a computer program in the background, controlling 95% of our thoughts. It is best if it is healthy!


To heal, the client provides a question about an issue they are currently experiencing.

Example Questions: 

  • What blocks me from being successful? 

  • What prevents me from having healthy relationships?

  • What keeps me in a state of illness?

  • Why am I holding extra weight?

  • What do I need to know at this time for healing?

Wendy uses Akashic Field Therapy™ (AFT) to identify unresolved core traumas in the client's past story bringing them into conscious awareness. Processed traumas become integrated experiences that no longer trigger defense mechanisms.  

The client receives a personalized 21 day integration tool to rewire the subconscious mind to the soul's authentic truth. This healing allows for greater freedom, happiness, and personal growth.

AFT is available for infants, children, and youth, too!  Life flows more freely when the energies from a difficult birth, early childhood stress, and even past life traumas are cleared.

How to set up an Akashic Field Therapy™ Session:

  • Client sends a message (Contact info is on last page.)

  • Wendy arranges phone consultation

  • Client completes and submits the Akashic Field Therapy Agreement linked below

  • Wendy schedules an AFT session with the client to take place at the Healing Center in Grain Valley, Missouri, or remotely

$125.00 (Mini AFT) includes phone consultation, identifies

1 core trauma (scanned in advance of the session), provides personalized integration tool, meditation resources, and a

1 hour session in person, by phone, or video conferencing 

$250.00 (AFT) includes phone consultation, identifies 3 core traumas (scanned in advance of the session), provides personalized integration tool, meditation resources, and a  2 hour session in person, by phone, or video conferencing

$150.00 (AFT) for Children and Youth under 16 years of age includes identification of 3 core traumas (scanned in advance of the session), provides personalized integration tool, meditation resources, and a 1 hour session in person, by phone, or video conferencing

$60.00 1 hour intuitive life coaching consultation 

Please complete this form:

Additional Services

Additional Services

Sound Bath
Sound Bath

You are invited to a monthly Sound Bath experience at The Healing Center!

While floating or sitting in the indoor heated pool (or relaxing beside it) enjoy bathing in sound wave vibrations offered by Community as Medicine's Pauly Lama and Amy Renee Kraus.

Allow stagnant energies to clear as you experience the sound of the gong, drum, and didgeridoo.

Relax with the native flute, and rejuvenate with the harmonious frequencies of crystal singing bowls.

As one moves into deep relaxation, there is an opportunity to access higher states of consciousness. Clearing and restoring energies may allow for greater healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Please bring swimwear, towel and water bottle.  Floatation noodles and chairs are provided. Changing rooms are available. 

Lion's Gate Portal Event with Joshua Inacio

Aug. 8, 2024

Personal Sessions
12 - 5 p.m.

Group Channeling 

6 - 8 p.m.
Beach Ball in Pool

with Katherine Swanson

Lion's Gate Portal Retreat

Breathwork - Energy Healing - Sound Bath

Energetic Healing Session with

Louis Purdey

 After initial dialogue, participants will have their auric field cleared of energetic blocks, their dysfunctional energetic cords cut, and their yin/yang/temporal/spiritual polarities balanced. Participants will also receive targeted healing work to identified areas of concern in their mental/emotional/etheric/physical bodies. The intent of these efforts is to strengthen the participant’s connection to their inner Light and harmonize their physical/non-physical energies to support optimal health.  This healing session is conducted with participants sitting in a chair and they will be asked to wear or hold certain objects or crystals to facilitate the healing process. Energy Exchange is $111.

Special Guests
Aug. 27, 2024

Celestial Connection Session with
Louis Purdey

After initial dialogue, Louis will work with a unique Celestial Connections Deck of 33 Angelic Sigil Cards of his own design to help identify and connect each participant with a specific Angel of Light Who can assist them with an identified issue/challenge/opportunity (for example, Beloved Jophiel, Archangel of Illumination & Wisdom; or Beloved Zadkiel, Archangel of Mercy & Freedom).  As a second step, participants will be taken through a simple process to help them experience the frequencies of their specific Angel and then next steps will be discussed. This type of session is not a traditional reading but rather a personalized introduction to a specific Angel of Light Who is willing to partner with each participant moving forward.  Participants will be encouraged to take a picture of the relevant card so they will have the image of the Angelic Name/Sigil to work with in the future. Energy Exchange is $111.

Evening Class with

Louis Purdey & 

Joshua Inacio

This class will offer participants information concerning specific physical/non-physical energies we can all learn to balance to support improved health and harmony in every part of our lives.  These energies relate to POLARITY (Yin/Feminine & Yang/Masculine), TIME (Alpha/Beginnings & Omega/Endings), and DIVINITY (Heaven/Perception & Earth/Expression).  Participants will learn a simple technique that will help balance these three energies in less than five minutes without any special preparation or tools.  The class will also include a guided meditation to help anchor more Light into our spiritual/mental/emotional/physical worlds as well as a channeled message through Joshua from one of the Powers of Light Who support our evolutionary process. Energy Exchange is $44.

YOUnity Retreat
YOUnity Retreat - Reflecting with Water
Sept. 21, 2024

You are specially invited the

YOUnity Retreat

"Reflecting with Water"

Sat., Sept. 21, 2024

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Healing Center


  • Did you know that shapes of frozen water droplets transform dependent on the thoughts directed to them? 

  • Did you know that our bodies are 60+% water?  

  • What we think about ourselves and others literally transforms us!


Join us for a beautiful day retreat where we will explore the ways to bless the water of our body, the water that we drink, and the waters of the earth.


Enjoy a time of reflection with mirror meditation.

Immerse yourself with the warm waters of the indoor pool and relax to the sounds of the didgeridoo, crystals singing bowls, and ocean drum. 

And if you would like, take time to integrate in nature sitting by the waters of the pond, laying under the trees in the woods, or basking in the sun in the open field. 

May you come to connect more fully to your lovely soul self and this beautiful soul community.


Feel free to invite family and friends and sign up below by Sept. 14. (24 Attendees)

The energy exchange is $155 which includes a fresh fruit breakfast, taco salad bar lunch, afternoon snacks, and a variety of experiences with supplies.

The Healing Center Amenities

Meditation can be an essential part of achieving and maintaining great health. But meditation doesn't have to be boring!


Schedule a time to set your intentions in this unique meditation room and enjoy aroma and sound therapies, too.

$5.00 - 1 Hour

Floating in a warm salt water pool 

relaxes muscles, assists with pain management, improves sleep, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Active swimming oxygenates the blood and releases the feel good compound, endorphins.

Schedule a time for a personal float or swim.

$15.00 - Individual Use  - 1 Hour

$30.00 - Group Use - 1 Hour

Time in nature is so healing. The energies of our bodies rise up to the higher energies around us.  Schedule a time to sit by the pond or in the garden and recharge.

Free - 1 Hour


Services & Events offered by
Laura Monteiro at The Healing Center



Stone Tower


Akashic Field Therapy is very effective.  Wendy identified past traumas before our session and then provided tools for me to heal my emotional blocks and connect with my higher self.

Mountain Landscape


My work with Wendy has been awesome. She has been eternally patient with me as she answered the myriad of questions I peppered her with. She has been so gracious with her time, never pushing me beyond the comfort level I had at any part of the process. She continually supplied me with resources that allowed me to do my own research. The outcome of all of our work has been nothing short of phenomenal. I look forward to my continuing work with her.



Wendy is an earth angel. You can feel her ability to heal just by speaking with her and that is who she is to her core...A gifted healer. She emanates 

compassion and loving energy in all that she does. I trust her integrity and highly recommend her work for helping you navigate your health and well being. 

Flower Bud Petals


I've been in the healing world for 30+ years and have never had a technique work as quickly and effectively as Akashic Field Therapy. Wendy is a pure conduit of divine energy. She IS the real thing.

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

Payments may be made via

Venmo @Wendy-Scafe,

PayPal @WScafe,

or cash.

Thank you!

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